First Time Fucked

Before I shut down my Tumblr page during the purge, I had a series of image-prompted flash fiction I did as writing warm-ups. I've resumed that here to oil my rusty skills and get back in the swing of things. Here's the first!

It was my first time fucking and he knew it and he didn’t care. He fucked me like I was one of his used up bitches, which I soon would be. He used my ass like it was a loose cunt instead a virginal rosebud newly blossomed for him. He took me and destroyed me and I loved ever second of it his abuse. He fucked me like a wild beast unrepentant and unconcerned for my pleasure. As it should be. His pleasure was mine. His revelry in my bludgeoned guts was my ecstasy. My joy was in his satisfaction in my gritted teeth as I struggled to keep my face down and my ass up to meet him. But I succeeded. And I hope I made him happy. If the groans he rumbled as he emptied inside me were any indication, he was happy indeed.

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