Back At It Again

Well, it's been almost a year and the smut storm I forecast fizzled in the water. I've been off dabbling in other things, but now it's time to plop my ass in the chair. Even while I was away my books were still selling (Not as massively as I wished, but I didn't put in the work.) and I gained some new followers. Imagine how big my empire will grow if I actually write something! So, it's nose to the grindstone my Fapazons!

Right now I'm working on continuing the Close Relations Series with a trilogy revamping Camboy. Honestly, the original kinda sucks, but it was the first porn I ever wrote, as a teenager, and I thought it had good bones so why not spiff it up and slap a price tag on it? Can you smell the Capitalism!

After that I think I'll write the sequel to The Most Natural Thing that's been drifting around my mind.

Keep your eye out from drops of perverse delights.

Fap well, Fapazons!

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