Christopher, a young  internet voyeur, films his explicit bedtime adventures to the soundtrack of his parents' lovemaking and posts the videos online for the world to see. When his father discovers his son's indiscretions Christopher gets exactly what he wished for. A blazing hot taboo tale of father and son crossing the boundary between love and lust.

Everyone says its bad, wrong, unnatural, but to us it’s the most natural thing in the world. I mean, my brother loves me more than anyone else, right? We Texans like our God, football, and heterosexual non-familial coupling, so Micah and I keep our secret locked up tight. If anyone ever finds out all the dirty things I do with my brother...Promise not to tell? 


Micah throws open his shirt to expose his diamond-cut torso. He straddles my legs and grinds his hips in my lap, running his hands through my hair and down my chest. He lays a kiss on my lips before standing up and turning around to slowly peel off his shirt. He rolls his hips as it slides down his broad back, then turns around and tosses the shirt at me. I catch it and hold it to my nose. He runs his hands down his body while he licks his lips, pushing them out and flicking out his tongue and leering seductively at me. I can’t help but laugh.
Micah’s hands wander down to his gyrating crotch and he unbuckles his belt. He snaps it off and swings it around his head like a lasso before looping it around the back of my neck, sitting on my thighs again, and pulling my head into his chest. I kiss the valley between his mountainous pecs and run my hands up and down his muscled back as I bite my brother’s hard nipples. Micah unknots my tie and tosses it aside, then unbuttons and throws open my shirt while I caress his muscled arms. 
He slides his hands over my torso, tugs my nipples, runs his fingertips over my grooved abs. He licks his way up my chest and neck, then with a smirk pushes me back against the chair and stands in it, his feet on either side of my legs. He takes my head and mashes my nose into his crotch. His cock is hard beneath the fabric of his slacks. I grab Micah’s ass, pulling his groin into me and biting the log of flesh through the pants. Micah pushes me back and hops down then slowly unbuttons and unzips his pants while his hips sway. He slides his thumbs around the inside of his waistband, easing his pants down a tad then pulling them back up as he smiles coyly at me. 
Micah pulls his pants over the hump of his massive ass just enough to tease me with the sight of the orange waistband of his underwear with the words “FUCK IT” emblazoned in white. He turns around and pulls his pants down over his thick thighs and lets them fall the rest of the way as he squeezes his package bulging obscenely in the orange pouch of his skimpy briefs. He tugs on the waistband of his underwear, giving me a flash of what lay at the end of his Devil’s Horns before snapping them back up and moving towards me. He presents each foot to me in turn, placing his toes on the edge of the chair between my legs and commanding me with his eyes. I lean forward and kiss his knee, tracing the path of the sock with my lips as I slide it down his muscled calf. I lift his foot and plant kisses all over it, my eyes locked on Micah’s as he smirks down at me, then I repeat the process until both feet are bare. Micah pushes me back into the chair with a foot and slowly turns around.